ERVCAF GRP is a reliable partner for our customers.
With the construction of plant components, the containers
Heat exchangers and piping, and small whole systems.

ERVCAF’s drilling industry specializes in the fixation of oil and gas well hoses. We have gained extensive work experience with a wide range of ground conditions.

Qualified specialists and professionals
Solutions for new work, repair work,
Parts and extensions of the system.

We provide the expertise necessary for the development of your projects: the ERVCA

F drilling Industry specializes in the commissioning of the driver’s hoses for the oil and ground gas wells. We have gained extensive work experience with a wide range of ground conditions. Our double rotary platform excels in drilling difficult terrain conditions and minimises the risk of washing or undermining the platforms. We attach our data sheet and security alert that highlights the safety benefits of attaching the driver’s enclosure to the Dual Rotary Rig. This could represent a considerable cost and time savings compared to conventional drilling methods.

We currently operate two platforms capable of performing work operations, able to perform repairs, maintenance and abandonment on oil and gas wells. We are also experienced in working on salt caves. For these operations, we can operate up to depths of up to 4 000ft (2 3/8).

The ERVCAF GRP carries out design engineering missions, performing at the reception of turnkey work as follows:

  • Engineering Studies and Designs
  • Elaboration of technical requirements for the tender CCTP
  • Pipeline Design and simulation
  • Connection to existing pipeline gas wells
  • Storage tank design and simulation
  • Construction of a Turn key pipeline project, including excavation and welding in accordance with API standards

Our engineers and welders are properly qualified according to the welding procedure. All welding procedures must comply with the requirements of section IX of the ASME