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Of Engineering Solutions

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Leading Provider

Of Engineering Solutions


ERVCAF  represents the large international  companies that we consider to be market leaders in their products and services.

We support our partners in an operational way in their growth plans in Morocco and Africa.Our partners  reach  us to arm themselves and structure their development strategy , to inter the local African market and set up their distribution networks in a solid and sustainable way, to increase their sales and turnover.

Our network is implanted in the most dynamic countries of Africa brings to our partners a field and operational support out of the common run, at all the stages of the development of the companies:

• Start up your presence in new markets such us Morocco, Senegal, Congo and all African Countries.

• Boost your sales and your turnover  within the African Market

.• Facilitate your Local and African installation

.• Secure your operations.

• Improve your part of the Market

Most companies operate on an ad hoc basis and are confronted during their development in Africa with major challenges that call into question the robustness of their growth plans and their competitiveness projects.

Our network will be an asset to provide our customers with a level of support unequaled in the market of support in Morocco and all Africa.


  • Structure your international development strategy to gain market share.
  • Save you time in your international prospecting (Africa) through our network.
  • Secure the choice of your partners to represent you and thus respect your commercial policy.
  • Increase your sales internationally (Africa): we represent your natural extension in a market to advance your sales and support your distributors.


  • Validate quickly and reliably the potential of a market for their offer
  • Meet with qualified customers and potential partners within a few months.
  • Identify local tenders for them.
  • Prepare for the negotiation of important contracts.
  • Audit a partner in a joint venture project.
  • Optimize their participation in shows.
  • Set up their distribution network.
  • Welcome their employees in our equipped business centers.
  • Manage the mobility of their employees abroad (legalization of status and obtaining visas and work permits, …).


Whether in the field of oil exploration, import-export, marketing, construction, industrial engineering &  computer science, our team of experts is at your disposal to discuss your international development project (Africa).

We work confidentially and we are used to sign the NDAs of business leaders who tell us about their projects.