ERVCAF is a supplier of engineering studies and consulting services in project management for the oil and gas, energy and construction industry in Africa.

We have project management assignments to our national and international clients. Our teams are both diversified and specialized in skills and experience

Engineering Division

We provide the latest service technlogy different types of construction projects. Our team of engineers and experts takes care of your daily needs on the sp

ot. We assure the necessary expertise for the perfect progress of your projects:

  • Oil and gas plants for natural gas processing oil extraction
  • Liquefied natural gas pipelines
  • Pumping, compression and measuring stations
  • Oil field Installation including drilling and working on platforms, submersible electric pump, centrifugal and reciprocal pumps, generators, engines, sludge filtration Unit-assembly, maintenance & Operation etc.
  • Rig package transport, movement, rentals and manufacturing.
  • Labour services for well stimulation, logging, production stimulation, seismic surveying, borehole drilling services, including logistical drilling in remote and difficult areas, pipeline, Onshore production station, power plants, heavy transport vehicles/outfits.
    Supply of oil field equipment, import of equipment and customs clearance services.
  • Liaison with government, statutory bodies, public sector enterprises, government institutions such as mine safety, labour authorities, etc.

The ERVCAF has competences dedicated to all stages of a project, from the study phase to the implementation and the follow-up.

Our designers, engineers, project managers, QSHE Coordinators… Plan and make calculation notes for:

Concrete (reinforced and prestressed)

formwork and Reinforcementcadre metal/Wood

Our customers are internationally renowned companies.

We assure the necessary expert for the development of your projects:

Detailed Project Studies

Settlements according to PID.

Installation of process equipment, piping, ventilation…


Civil Engineering Guide Plans
Control of formwork plans
Global Plans
Detailed Plans


Whether in industry or in the tertiary sector, the ERVCAF can meet your needs in the fields of engineering and electrical work HV/LV.

Our technicians and engineers have the necessary skills to follow the technical studies as well as the supervision of the work on the construction sites.

s in the engineering and electrical jobs CFO/CFA.

Our technicians and engineers have the necessary skills to follow up the technical studies as well as the supervision of work on site.


High Voltage

Cable channels

Normal lighting and safety

Wardrobe Equipment


Electric Octopus

HV/LV Posts

Calculating Cable and lighting

Monitoring and reception of the site

Low voltage

Access control



Computer packing

Video surveillance

Sound System

Fire detection

Monitoring and reception of the site

We provide the expertise necessary for the advancement of your projects:

  • Carry out the study of the basis of the design and the overall design of the mechanical part.
  • Mechanical calculations (kinematics, Dynamics, RDM…)
  • Ensure the preparation of the drawings. Follow-up of the manufacturing and assembly of the projects.
  • Monitor performance with respect to the quality system. Write notes and technical reports (documents, analyses, interfaces, assembly and maintenance).
  • Professional and reliable technical advice.
  • Lead the work of a technical team.

As information technology constantly evolves, ERVCAF's services can cater to companies of all sizes and provide a turnkey solution for your IT operations.

Computer security

  • Establish a computer security program that respects the legal and regulatory framework to effectively manage risks while being aligned with the company's strategies and priorities.
  • Identify hazards and risks, assess the levels of risk, the means in place, establish the level of vulnerability of the company and make recommendations of the means and measures necessary to protect it.
  • Define business strategies for succession and continuation plan.

ERVCAF Services conducts hydraulic and hydrological studies as part of construction and urban development projects to determine the functioning of streams or watersheds.

Our objective is to study the impact of existing or projected structures on runoff conditions, and to propose realistic and site-specific solutions.

Hydraulic study before a building permit

Determination of leakage rate and quantification of retention volume proposal of technical and financial solutions adapted to the site and the project

Hydraulic modeling

  • Assessment of flows before water spills
  • Study of the consequences of the evolution of flows
  • Proposed reduction measures

Hydromorphologic Study of watersheds

  • Geological, tectonic and land use survey
  • Characterization of the rainfall regime
  • Mapping of hydraulic structures (nozzles, thresholds, dams, etc.)

Diagnosis of the river before development work

  • Study of the characteristics of the minor bed and the main bed
  • Inventory and mapping of samples and releases
  • Writing the file of general interest

Water quality Assessment

  • Samples and physico-chemical analyses in accredited laboratories
  • Biological Inventory of bioindicators: IBGN, IPR, IBMR

Using the following specific software

  • Odui V6, Covadis, DKmeter, Excel applications
  • HEC-RAS 1d, TELEMAC 2d
  • MapInfo, AutoCAD, DesignCad Pro