The environment of the ERVCAF manages industrial and oil waste and cleaning.

Our environmental Division has continually developed by broadening its field of activity and enriching its resources, engineering studies and industrial risk control to the treatment of waste oil activities.

Currently, we are also able to assist in cleaning clean sites or reservoirs and installations with residue disposal in accordance with current regulations.

The capitalized know-how of the ERVCAF team is its main asset. To fulfill our commitments, we rely on a diverse team of expertise: engineers, technicians, machine and truck drivers and skilled workers. They benefit from ongoing training in health, safety and environment and targeted training based on the positions that allow us to offer economic and security solutions for all aspects of cleaning in Africa.


Chemical engineering involves the application of several principles. Today, the field of chemical engineering is diversified, covering the fields of biotechnology and nanotechnology to mineral transformation.

The dismantling of the installations, the maintenance operations or the various accidents are all reasons of the intervention of our teams experienced in the cleaning. We assure:

  •  Cleaning of storage units: Reservoirs, Reservoirs, bilges…
  • Cleaning of the equipment: production plant, pipeline networks, assistance in maintenance shutdown operations, etc.
  • The decontamination and rehabilitation of the polluted sites (oil production site, roads…), in particular by hydrocarbons

The ERVCAF offers reliable and personalized solutions for the collection, transport, storage and treatment of industrial and petroleum waste. The treatment can be carried out by ERVCAF’s own facilities or through our partners locally and internationally. Depending on the waste, it is a matter of decontamination, development of material or energy, regeneration or disposal. A wide range of waste is covered by our services, mainly:

Sludge and water from industrial and oil activities

Obsolete or contaminated solvents and chemicals

Packaging, absorbents and contaminated tools garage waste (oil/air filters, dirty rags, batteries…) Residual assets of Shipsdivers solid waste (neon, batteries, aerosols…)

The ERVCAF can also mobilize its teams and equipment on customer sites, especially oil, to deal directly with waste that reduces the risks and costs associated with transport. These mobilizations are carried out in accordance with the regulations and are the subject of a preliminary study on the environmental impact.

The ERVCAF pursues a twofold objective: to offer a solution of proximity to companies by giving them the benefit of an overall management of their waste, particularly dangerous, and to preserve the environment in compliance with the norms in force. Avoid unexpected problems or costly errors by entrusting the management of your residual waste to the ERVCAF services.