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Of Engineering Solutions

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Leading Provider

Of Engineering Solutions

About Us

We started with a simple idea.

We work on the cusp of innovation and technology to take products from an idea all the way to the end consumer. From startups to Fortune 500s, Factory designs custom manufacturing solutions for the world’s best brands. From design engineering and development, manufacturing, packaging and fulfillment, to distribution and retail, we take on the toughest challenges at every stage.

Business Conduct and Ethics.

Production Solutions International and its subsidiaries conduct business in a manner that complies with both the letter and the spirit of the law. The Company is committed to having strong principles and the highest ethical standards in conducting its business operations.

It is the responsibility of each employee or contractor working on behalf of the Company to promptly report actual or perceived violations of the Code of Conduct or laws. For this purpose, the Company maintains a compliance line that is operated through its corporate headquarters. Potential violations of accounting, internal controls, financial reporting, auditing practices, and other governance issues can be reported to the compliance line via telephone twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week or via email.

At the request of the reporting person, reports received through the compliance line will be kept strictly confidential and anonymous. The Company will see that individuals who truthfully, in good faith, report potential violations will be protected from any adverse action for having made the report.

QHSE Commitment.

The QHSE mission of Production Solutions International (PSI) is to promote a positive HSE culture that strives to protect the well-being of every employee, contractor, visitor and to prevent damage to our equipment and the environment. At the heart of our safety culture is our commitment to eliminate all injuries at PSI’s facilities and Operations. Production Solution’s People and Quality Safety program is an overarching initiative that incorporates and promotes industry best practices, management emphasis on safety education and performance measurement, return-to-work programs, and behavior-based safety processes.

The QHSE Department with the CEO, President and the QHSE Manager; form the executive HSE Leadership team and such shall provide leadership, guidance and support in promoting a positive HSE culture throughout the organization. The HSE leadership team will ensure that risks related to critical tasks have been reduced to as low as reasonably practical and ensure a healthy, safe and environmentally sound operation for our people, humanity and the environment. We support this ethic by maintaining safe workplaces, providing employee training, complying with safety regulations, and requiring a demonstrated safety commitment from leaders at all levels of the organization.
HSE Field Guide