ERVCAF GRP is a reliable partner for our customers.
With the construction of plant components, the containers
Heat exchangers and piping, and small whole systems.

Qualified specialists and professionals
Solutions for new work, repair work,
Parts and extensions of the system.

We provide the expertise necessary for the development of your projects:

  • Construction of the drilling site.
  • Construction of the campsite.
  • Access to road construction.
  • Drilling support Services.
  • Drilling rig leveling and compacting.
  • Cellar Construction and driver installation.
  • Rig sub-structure, mud pumps and mud tank sub-structures.
  • Mud and water pit including supply and installation of plastic coating.
  • Construction of sewer pits.
  • Investigation of the road path.
  • Repair and upgrading of existing roads.
  • Construction of new roads.
  • Maintenance of access roads during Rig Move and Drilling operations.

Design and manufacture of all types of cabin units according to customer requirements
Our units are heavy, designed for desert use and to be manipulated winch trucks, cranes and forklifts and can be mounted on Skid units.

  • Camp Facilities (accommodation and cabin offices for company staff)
  • Prefabricated cabin Services:
  • Rental of housing cabin.
  • Office rental and Laboratory cabin.
  • Rental of the camp’s complete facilities.
  • Design and manufacturer accommodations camp and offices facilities.
  • Drilling water pipe and installation.
  • Transport of drinking water for the use of the camp.
  • Water Treatment Unit for the use of the camp.
  • Restoration of the site.